Romantic Highball Glassware
Romantic Highball Glassware

Romantic Highball Glassware

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The Romantic collection of Highball Glasses from Bormioli Rocco marries the Italian brand's longstanding dedication to producing high-quality drinking glasses with a unique design that is sure to capture the hearts of those seeking something a little different from the ordinary.

* Part of Bormioli Rocco's 'Professional' range - high-quality Italian glassware designed & developed to serve in bars, restaurants and catering facilities as well as your home

* Distinctive cut glass design evokes a vintage bohemian aesthetic, making every sip a multisensory experience

* Vibrant "Bubble Gum" colouring is food and dishwasher safe

Size: 340ml/ 7.5 x 12 cm

Sold Individually