Crystal Bath Soak
Crystal Bath Soak
Crystal Bath Soak
Crystal Bath Soak
Crystal Bath Soak

Crystal Bath Soak

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Caring for sensitive skin like it were made from precious silk is our top priority so you can be at peace in your beautiful skin soothing soak. This moment will soon be just another example of how everyday bliss has become possible. Salt from the Earth Pigment from plant and sunshine to offer abundance. Scent from fruits that clear old worn out thoughts. All combined in a uplifting crystal soak that opens up to invite a higher self and the abundance the universe loves to offer. 

Ritual Use: Uncork, Inhale. Pour crystal magic into the bath. Relax your body in healing. Be Weightless, float in the crystal vibration. 

Amethyst (Intuition): An elevated bath experience with the spirit of Intuition. A bath soak handcrafted for energetic healing and focus on inviting intuition over anxiety and full body restoration. (Ingredients: Epsom salt, purple sweet potato, proprietary blend of essential oils).

Celestine (Meditation): Pour this crystal magic into the bath allow your body to drop into meditation and release all the dull tired thoughts. Relax in that delicious warm bath water, be ready to exit glowing a little bit more than before. (Ingredients:  Epsom salt, litsea essential oil, vanilla essential oil, mica).

Emerald (Vitality): A bath soak handcrafted for energetic healing and renewed vitality and full body restoration. Epsom salt, chlorella, and a blend of essential oils to bring new life to you. (Ingredients: Epsom salt, spirulina, proprietary blend of essential oils).

Rose Quartz (Heart): A bath soak hand crafted for heart healing and body restoration. Himalayan crystal salt, blended with essential oils that are combined for the highest vibration of heart healing. Your body will soak in the sacred Himalayan minerals and crystal healing. (Ingredients: Himalyan Crystal Salt, proprietary blend of essential oils). 

Citrine (Abundance): When we align ourselves with our true desires, we create an energetic field. This is manifesting abundance. The Citrine Crystal is the magnet for manifesting the abundance we seek. Abundant joy, abundant healthy, abundant love. Drop this citrine infused bath soak into the bath and let your energy blocks dissolve away. (Ingredients: Magnesium Sulfate (epsom) Salt, plant colorant, lemon essential oil, citrine energy infusion). 


  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Labia Safe
  • Sustainable-Zero waste
  • Synthetic Fragrance & Colorant Free

Handmade with Love in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.