Gathered Thoughts Jar
Gathered Thoughts Jar

Gathered Thoughts Jar

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Item includes product description and instructions typed on kraft cardstock. Paper is wrapped with cotton ribbon around outside of glass jar. Please note that the jar has markings and imperfections to give it a vintage-aged look.

  1. Pay attention to your life.
  2. Look for the good all around you- all the blessings, beauty, gratitude, hopes, dreams, adventures, love, kindness, and magical bits of life. 
  3. Record it. You don't have to get fancy - jot it down on scraps of paper, receipts, old ticket stubs, & don't dilly dally. Do it now - at coffee shops & mountaintops, in trains, planes, and automobiles.
  4. Deposit all your beautiful, magical, good stuff in this jar. 
  5. At the end of the year empty out your jar to celebrate all the ordinary and extraordinary parts of life that made you stop & pay attention.

*Loose paper inside jar not included.