Red Clay Hot Sauce
Red Clay Hot Sauce
Red Clay Hot Sauce
Red Clay Hot Sauce
Red Clay Hot Sauce

Red Clay Hot Sauce

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COLD PRESSED: Our secret sauce? Cold-pressing and fermenting our regionally sourced Fresno peppers for maximum flavor and freshness. While other hot sauces boil their peppers stripping them of their flavors and nutrients, we never do. Cold is the new hot.

BARREL-AGED: We take it a step further and age our hot sauce in bourbon barrels for six weeks before bottling, giving Red Clay Hot Sauce a complex, balanced and award-winning flavor profile.

THE NOT-TOO-HOT SAUCE: We believe a great hot sauce should elevate your food, not scorch your tastebuds. Our sauces let the food you’re eating shine through, with the perfect complement of flavor and spice.

  • Keto Friendly
  • 100% Unfiltered Raw Honey
  • Paleo Friendly (3 Ingredients: Raw Honey, Habanero Peppers & Apple Cider Vinegar)
  • Sustainably Harvested 
  • Women Owned  

Habanero Hot Sauce (5oz): Aromatic Habanero is showcased by highlighting the pepper’s citrus and sweet floral notes - bet your last hot sauce wasn’t so thoughtful. This hot sauce brings heat with a delicious flavor profile to elevate your food, yet without the calories, sugar, carbs or gluten.

Verde (5oz): Zesty serrano peppers bring a bit of bite and pair perfectly in this award-winning hot sauce with cilantro, fennel, and onion for an elevated flavor profile featuring medium heat. This herbaceous recipe is the star of any fiesta--without the calories, sugar, carbs or gluten. In our opinion, this is the best-tasting Verde hot sauce on the market.

Original (5oz): This award-winning hot sauce begins with local fresno peppers, cold-processed and barrel-aged into a delicious sauce to compliment food (not set your mouth on fire). Deliciousness without the calories, sugar, carbs or gluten. A mild yet discerning heat.

Hot Honey (9oz): 100% pure, raw and unfiltered wildflower honey gets a spicy kick with fermented pepper mash. Sustainable-sourced in the South, this barrel-aged, award-winning hot honey is the perfect-sweet-meets-heat combination. What started as a limited edition earned the #1 full-time spot in our lineup.

Spicy Peach Honey (9oz): Inspired by the perfectly juicy peaches found throughout the South, our new Spicy Peach Honey adds sweet heat to everything from buttery biscuits to rich vanilla ice cream. We start with 100% pure and raw wildflower honey and infuse it with juice from the most perfect peaches for a spicy-sweet nectar that tastes like summer.