Stuff Every Man Should Know- Brett Cohen
Stuff Every Man Should Know- Brett Cohen

Stuff Every Man Should Know- Brett Cohen

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The only black book a man really needs! This little gift book is packed with tips, tricks, and life hacks for the modern renaissance man.

With chapters on domestic life, personal appearance, etiquette and socializing, business and pleasure, love and relationships, and a brand-new health and wellness section, it’s the ultimate reference for men of all ages. Each volume in this best-selling series tells readers everything they should know about one of life’s many challenges—whether being a good cook or a great spouse, telling a great joke or improving your golf (or gardening!) game, graduating from college or planning a perfect wedding. You’ll find all the answers in a concise but comprehensive pocket-sized package.

A refreshed and updated edition of the Quirk classic that shares everything the modern man should know (but probably doesn’t), including:

• How to Tie a Tie
• How to Maintain Facial Hair
• How to Order a Bottle of Wine
• How to Entertain Children
• How to Have a Productive Argument with Your Partner
• How to Start a Simple Skincare Routine
• And much more!

  • 144 Pages
  • Hardcover