Dive Bar- Dan Jones
Dive Bar- Dan Jones

Dive Bar- Dan Jones

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A whistlestop tour of 10 of the world’s best dive bars, featuring a guide to how to create your own dive bar at home, complete with the ultimate karaoke playlist and ‘dirty snacks’, and recipes for 50 classic cocktails.

In his new cocktail collection, expert mixer Dan Jones proves that rough-around-the-edges dive bars provide the perfect inspiration for your homemade drinks. After all, if the bartender in a low-lit, sticky-carpeted, no-frills establishment can churn out a faultless Manhattan or the Dirty Martini of your dreams, that means you can do it too!

Dan starts by detailing the basic cocktail kit, but never fear: an empty pickle jar for shaking and a spoon for swizzling will do the trick. With over 50 recipes, featuring chic classics and modern concoctions, single serves and jugs of joy, you won't know where to begin. To set the mood, Dan explores the greatest dive bars across the globe and offers up the best karaoke song or dirty snack to accompany your tipple.

So whether it's a cocktail party or an unplanned drinkathon, let Dive Bar inject some magic into your next soiree.

  • 166 Pages
  • Full color illustrations