The Artisanal Kitchen: Summer Cocktails- Nick Mautone

The Artisanal Kitchen: Summer Cocktails- Nick Mautone

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Written by Nick Mautone

Making refreshing cocktails for the summer months is a breeze with this latest book in the Artisanal Kitchen series featuring tried-and-true classics and thirst-quenching innovations.

Summer Cocktails is the newest addition to the Artisanal Kitchen series, adapted from Raising the Bar (Artisan, 2004) by master mixologist Nick Mautone. This is a handy guide to summer beverages, with information on everything from how to mix the perfect cocktails, prep drinks ahead of time, and choose the proper drinkware to how to use sorbet ice cubes for a burst of flavor and how to turn cocktails into punches for a larger crowd. It’s packed with easy-to-follow recipes for warm-weather favorites, including the mimosa and Tom Collins, as well as classics with a twist (think Pineapple Slings), icy drinks (Frozen Mango Smash), nonalcoholic options (Faux Margaritas), and so much more. Both home and professional mixologists can rely on the book for fail-proof cocktails recipes and will return to Summer Cocktails year after year for seasonal favorites.

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